Unboxing the Nauticam NA-D850

Stoked to get a new tool in the tool chest this week!  It is the first underwater housing I have owned that has a anti reflection optical glass dome – which should solve may of the flare problems when shooting underwater.  Will be kicking the tires soon on a grant for the National Geographic Society grant with Dr Chris Horrell.

Thanks to the great crew at Reef Photo & Video who help set me up with the kit. First impressions from the unboxing below!

The Garmin fēnix for Photographers

A perfect moment for a little help from my Garmin fēnix. Sunrise in a fog bank in the middle of the inside passage, somewhere in Alaska.  The watch has saved me hours of work in post production thanks to the GPX tracklog it stores.

How I use the Garmin fēnix and Adobe Lightroom to automate the process of geotagging my images

The Problem

When I decided to pursue photography as a profession, little did I know I was also signing up to become one part librarian and one part IT professional.  Every day spent in the field, results in at least one obligatory day in front of the computer color correcting, cataloguing, and captioning photographs – all necessary evils that add value to the final image for my clients.

One of the key pieces of metadata clients request is the photographs location information.  While easily added by hand to one or two images, the fun level quickly drops to zero trying to remember where a specific image was taken after a multi week assignment on another continent covering an assortment of locations and potentially thousands of frames.  Compounding this frustration, $300 point and shoot cameras come with built in GPS that automate this process, but $6000 pro DSLR cameras do not!

Needless to say, when I found a way to automate the task of entering location information into my photographs, I jumped at the opportunity as it meant less time in front of the computer, and more time doing ANYTHING else.

The Solution

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How to use your histogram as a digital light meter

A few years ago I had the pleasure to record a title for Dean Collins Software Cinema on Photoshop CS4.  While  much of that information is getting a bit long in the tooth, Softare Cinema has been kind enough to post some of the more relavant training videos on You Tube.  Below is some fine instruction (if I do say so myself) on understanding what a histogram is, and how to use it as a digital light meter.

How to Photograph Star Trails with a Digital SLR (+ Video!)

A time exposure at Mauna Loa Observatory, lasting a little over an hour, produced star trails as Earth rotated. (Jonathan Kingston/Aurora Select for the New York Times)


What are Star Trails?

Simply stated, star trails are the streaks in a photograph left by stars during a time exposure as the Earth rotates.  Objects in the foreground of the photograph remain sharp as they are not moving relative to the camera, while the stars, depending on which cardinal direction the camera is facing, will form concentric circles or streaks in the sky.

Why does Photographing Star Trails require a different technique with a Digital SLR? Continue reading How to Photograph Star Trails with a Digital SLR (+ Video!)