4 thoughts on “The True Story of Bungalow Bill”

  1. Just discovered your site and enjoying the ride. I totally understand your storage post. I put my junk in storage and took off overseas for 12 years. When I finally opened up my container, like an explorer entering an ancient crypt, my suitcase full of 8 years of travel photography was destroyed; the relentless heat of 12 Australian summers and the cool winters had fused all my negatives together. I had the thow the lot away and apart from a selection of prints that my mother passed on to me, all I have left is my memories…

    Now every image is archived on disk!



  2. Peter – Sorry to hear that. That must have been quite an exercise in letting go. I like the ‘explorer entering an ancient crypt’ line. How true.

    Best – Jonathan

  3. My husband and I were married for two years when I finally made a decision to completely move across “the pond”. Following airline rules, I was able to bring two suitcases: some clothes, books, slides, and notes. Back then, when I was packing, I didn’t know how I could exist without the rest.

    Four years later I went back to only pick up my personal library (I wished I could bring my old true friends – “my camp”). I realized that sentimental attachments to things & still objects have changed, my focus was on different goals and priorities.

    Although, I found the experience quite new – in a sense it was a study of looking into myself from long geographical and cultural distance and time: a brief continuum when future registers the present together with the past.

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