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Jonathan Kingston in Sunset Magazine

Cross country skiing in Bend, Oregon.
Cross country skiing in Bend, Oregon.

This summer I reconnected with an old friend from high school named Michael.  After some small talk, Michael recounted the story of the last ten or so years that we had lost touch.  After college, he had worked for a few years on hydrogen and hybrid technology at Ford before taking a leave of absence to sail around the Caribbean.  What started out as a medium length trip, turned into nearly two years aboard a small sailboat island hopping with his wife.  When they had their fill, he and his wife and began looking for a place to settle down, and eventually picked a small town in the rocky mountains of Colorado. I asked Michael why he decided on this town rather than a city that could offer much more in the way of employment, and he said “We decided to find a place to live that we absolutely loved, and once we found that place, we made it work financially.”

This thought really resonated with me, because I have always felt I should begin with the end in mind.  And that is in fact the intention that landed my wife in I in Bend, Oregon. In 30 minutes we can be climbing at Smith Rock, or cross country skiing in the shadow of Mt. Bachelor.  There is a symphony of nature all around to photograph and a small airport that can get me to anywhere on planet earth in just a few hops.  With the wonder of the internet and FTP, I can make it work financially.  Cheers to living in this day and age!

Kingston Images shot featured in National Geographic online

A Kingston Images shot of rock climbing at Trout Creek, Oregon was recently featured in National Geographic’s online gallery.  For any rock climbers out there planning travel to Oregon, Trout Creek is a must.  A long approach hike with a short burly uphill section at the final leg rewards you with stellar splitter cracks in perfect columnar basalt/volcanic tuff rock.  At the base of the cliff, many of the columns have fallen over – creating the feeling of walking over fallen greek columns at the acropolis in Athens.  Bring tape – the cracks are much sharper than they look!  A lesson this nomad learned the hard way…