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The Garmin fēnix for Photographers

A perfect moment for a little help from my Garmin fēnix. Sunrise in a fog bank in the middle of the inside passage, somewhere in Alaska.  The watch has saved me hours of work in post production thanks to the GPX tracklog it stores.

How I use the Garmin fēnix and Adobe Lightroom to automate the process of geotagging my images

The Problem

When I decided to pursue photography as a profession, little did I know I was also signing up to become one part librarian and one part IT professional.  Every day spent in the field, results in at least one obligatory day in front of the computer color correcting, cataloguing, and captioning photographs – all necessary evils that add value to the final image for my clients.

One of the key pieces of metadata clients request is the photographs location information.  While easily added by hand to one or two images, the fun level quickly drops to zero trying to remember where a specific image was taken after a multi week assignment on another continent covering an assortment of locations and potentially thousands of frames.  Compounding this frustration, $300 point and shoot cameras come with built in GPS that automate this process, but $6000 pro DSLR cameras do not!

Needless to say, when I found a way to automate the task of entering location information into my photographs, I jumped at the opportunity as it meant less time in front of the computer, and more time doing ANYTHING else.

The Solution

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A fix for non-exporting keywords in Lightroom 3 using SQLite

In the keywording box of Lightroom, set the drop down menu to “Will Export” to view which keywords will be embedded into the IPTC info of the exported image.

There are very few things in this world more painful or necessary for me than keywording my images.  I realized this fact in 2005 after joining Aurora Photos as a contributing photographer and almost immediately saw that poorly keyworded images did not sell well on the internet. In 2005 I was keywording my images with a wonderful little program called iView Media Pro, but eventually migrated the process to Lightroom in late 2009 due to LR’s unified image processing and metadata capabilities.

Sadly, I soon discovered that many of the embedded keywords from iView Media Pro would not export properly from Lightroom due to the apps ability to let the user control each keywords behaviors, and much to my chagrin the behaviors Lightroom assigned to my iView Media Pro keywords were to NOT EXPORT.

This only became an issue recently as I began constructing a stock photography site and uploading some of my older images to it.  The images uploaded with zero of their keywords intact, making their commercial value zero as no one would be able to find them.

Lightroom allows keyword level control on which keywords will be exported and which ones will not. If you want the keyword to export, you must check the box to “Include on Export” when creating the keyword.

The thought of having to go through my keyword list of nearly 11,000 words and hand check each keyword tag to make sure it was set to “Include on Export” in Lightroom nearly broke my spirit with the thought of many hours of mind numbing repetitive computer work. Thankfully due to this post here, I found a workaround that I will share with anyone in a similar boat.

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© Marcia Duff 2008

A successful week in Ketchum/Sun Valley Idaho and the “Masala of Digital Imaging Techniques” workshop.  The above image was produced by Marcia Duff after a introduction to digital montages in Photoshop CS3.  Photoshop is such a complex behemoth of a program  that it is very refreshing for me to see my participants artistic vision emerge like it did during the workshop.  Great job Marcia and all the other participants who produced fantastic images during the two day event!


For the first time since owning Lightroom, I have experienced a Lightroom catalog becoming corrupted. Fortunately under File>Catalog settings>Metadata, I have been writing my metadata to my .xmp side car files. Unfortunately, I did not realize when a .lrcat file becomes corrupted, the metadata does not include virtual copies of the images, or references to what catalog sets they are in. I hope Adobe changes this in the next release of Lightroom. Continue reading THE PROBLEM – LIGHTROOM CATALOG CORRUPTION