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Bring out the band – The nomad’s new website is live!

A band of musicians prepares to play for a wedding in Mathura, India.
A band of musicians prepares to play for a wedding in Mathura, India.

Halleluja!  After obsessing for the last couple weeks in front of the computer to solve the problem of balancing a tightly edited website featuring a current portfolio of my work while still allowing art buyers to search older classic images, I have implemented a two pronged solution.  For anyone wishing to while away a few minutes of your time –  please kick the tires of the brand new portfolio site jonathankingston.com and the new stock site stock.kingstonimages.com, then drop me an email or comment to let me know what you think.

Molokai, Hawaii, photography workshop – arrival day

A cacophony of birds awoke me on the island of Molokai this morning.  Exquisite morning light whispered through the Koa trees as a wind chime sounded out its unpredictable melody to the day.  This is my fifth year helping to teach Rekindling The Creative Spirit with Rikki Cooke, Dewitt Jones and Theresa Airey, and like fine wine, the workshop gets better with each passing year.  One of my favorite things about arrival day is hearing Bronwyn Cooke sing.  This year her daughter Heather joined in.  Click below to listen.

Photoshop CS4 Workflow Workshop

Last fall Software-Cinema approached me about putting together an instructional DVD on Photoshop CS4.  As I write this, the DVD is going to press and should be released within the month.  

I am making my annual pilgrimage to Ketchum, Idaho at the end of February and will be offering a photography workshop titled “Photoshop CS4 Fundamental Workflow” based on the DVD.  Dates are March 9-13th.  Its going to be a great one!  I hope you can make it.


Nine years ago this January that I dropped everything and moved across the country to attend photo school. I can’t believe almost a decade has passed since that decision, for as I sat down to redesign kingstonimages the memory of pressing the shutter in almost every one of the frames is so clear it could have been yesterday.


On the site I have added an underwater photography gallery, an adventure sports photography gallery and a link to some of the documentary projects I have worked on in the past few years. The world map has gotten a makeover and links all of my travel photography galleries. I hope you enjoy the amazing people and places life has led me! Business wise, I am beginning to do fine art prints on a one off basis as well as on a corporate art scale. More information on obtaining a custom signed fine art print of my photography can be found here.