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How to batch delete photos from your iPhone


I recently ran into a rather big problem in the iOS world.  I completely filled up my phones 32 gigs of memory with photos, and realized to late that it is not terribly efficient to delete them manually on the phone.  I have had my iphone for a couple years and have always chosen the “keep photos” option after downloading the images into iPhoto – which I use solely to manage my iPhone images – preferring Lightroom to manage the library for my ‘big boy’ cameras.

Delete photos from your iphone
iPhoto gives you the option to delete photos after every download, however if you press the “Keep Photos” button as I often did, it will not give you the option to delete those specific images ever again.


When my iphone indicated that its’ memory was full, I figured that I could simply plug the iphone into my computer, browse to the iphones photo library in iPhoto or Finder, and delete the photos as a batch.  As it turns out, the iPhone’s iOS is set up in such a way that you cannot browse the iphone’s photo library like you would a digital camera’s memory card using the Finder.  Because the Finder cannot see the iPhone’s photo library, apps like Adobe Bridge and Lightroom also cannot see the iPhones photo library making it impossible to leverage these apps to batch delete the images on my phone.  Not wanting to take the time out of my life to manually delete the images in the iphone’s photo library, I set out looking for another solution to the problem.

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