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On Assignment: Sun Valley

October 9 – 12, 2014 – Sun Valley, Idaho

I am pleased to announce I will be teaching a travel photography workshop titled On Assignment: Sun Valley with National Geographic Creative photographer and former photo editor at National Geographic Traveler Krista Rossow.

Whether you want to take your travel images to the next level or begin approaching travel publications, you will learn how to go beyond simply showing what a place looks like to capturing what a place feels like.  For complete details follow the button below.

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Waterfall near Petit Lake, Idaho

Waterfall near Petit Lake, Idaho (HDR).
Waterfall near Petit Lake, Idaho (HDR).

Early summer in Idaho is stunning as the snow melt gives way to hot days and cool nights.  In late June I made my semi annual trek to the Sun Valley area to teach some private photography lessons and had the luxury to spend a day with friends kind enough to invite me to their cabin at Petit lake.  A short walk, slow shutter speeds and seven exposures capturing all the detail from highlights to shadows allowed the above image to come to life.

A wonderful Sun Valley, Idaho Photography Workshop

There is a short list of places in the USA that I enjoy visiting as much as Ketchum, Idaho. The governor of California, along with a long list of celebrities who own houses there, are definitely onto something. It’s a small, close knit community full of great people. In March I had the good fortune of teaching my Photoshop CS4 Basics and Beyond workshop in Ketchum at the studio of Sun Valley wedding photographer Thia Konig. The participants of the workshop gelled into a cohesive group almost instantly thanks to the many laughs provided by maestro Paul Liebhardt. Participants attending from as far away as Maryland and southern California. Below are a few shots from the week.

Photoshop CS4 Workflow Workshop

Last fall Software-Cinema approached me about putting together an instructional DVD on Photoshop CS4.  As I write this, the DVD is going to press and should be released within the month.  

I am making my annual pilgrimage to Ketchum, Idaho at the end of February and will be offering a photography workshop titled “Photoshop CS4 Fundamental Workflow” based on the DVD.  Dates are March 9-13th.  Its going to be a great one!  I hope you can make it.


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A successful week in Ketchum/Sun Valley Idaho and the “Masala of Digital Imaging Techniques” workshop.  The above image was produced by Marcia Duff after a introduction to digital montages in Photoshop CS3.  Photoshop is such a complex behemoth of a program  that it is very refreshing for me to see my participants artistic vision emerge like it did during the workshop.  Great job Marcia and all the other participants who produced fantastic images during the two day event!