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Adobe’s Slam Dunk – The DNG Profile Editor

DNG Profile Editor

While waiting for the digital delivery of Lightroom 2 earlier this week I was poking around Adobe’s site and stumbled across an application that excites me more than LR 2 – and let me tell you I am really excited about LR 2.  It is a little application called the DNG Profile Editor and it addresses one of the biggest complaints that everybody has with digital RAW files – the unprocessed RAW files lack of richness.  With the introduction of the DNG Profile Editor, our lives are about to change for the better.

For the savvy reader out there you have probably been using the Adobe Camera Raw calibrator found on the Chromoholics website here to tweak your baseline colors to a truer tonality. Thanks to this website the camera calibration tab did more than languish in obscurity in Lightroom 1 and CS3 and became a very powerful and useful tool in my toolbox. With Adobe’s introduction of the DNG Profile editor, the camera calibration tab has been taken to a new level, and the calibration process takes about 30 minutes less than using the Chromoholics method.

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