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Jonathan Kingston’s photography featured on Jake Stephens debut album

When I was living in India, I managed to spend some time in the Andaman Nicobar Islands where I captured the above image of a young man free diving in the ocean. I would have never guessed that this image would find its way onto the cover of Jake Stephens debut album “How The Water Feels” – but am super stoked that it did!   I met Jake many moons ago at Virginia Tech where we spent every free second rock climbing.  Jake went on to ride as a nationally ranked cyclist (inspiring one of the songs on his album The Ride to Key West) and work as a solar company executive.  Over a year ago Jake made an abrupt break from the rat race to pursue this creative endeavor. The album drops on November 15th.   Pick it up on iTunes HERE!

Jonathan Kingston CD cover

Beautiful Revolution - Near To You
Horses pasture near the Little Bighorn battlefield on the Crow Indian Reservation, Montana.

Before I attended college in the mid 1990’s, I lived on the Crow Indian reservation in Montana helping to run an after school youth center.  During my time there I became dear friends with a Crow Indian musician named Kenny Pretty on Top, who has just released his first Christian & Gospel album titled Beautiful Revolution – Near To You.  Given Kenny’s talent, I am surprised it took him this long to release a studio album and expect to see many more in the years to come!