Church destroyed by fire, Halawa Valley, Molokai, Hawaii

Point to heaven

I once was filled with sons of men
who raised their arms to God in praise

Until brushfire kissed my walls and then
set my roof ablaze

My congregation now consists of souls less apt to sing
but whisper softly with their leaves and for companions birds they bring

My architect must have known some day my roof would fall
for in my stones he etched the path – an arrow on my wall

Its message simple yet profound
I ask you all to see

My final sermon of them all
Point to heaven constantly

by, Jonathan Kingston

One thought on “Point to heaven”

  1. Rikki teaches to see simply. Dewitt teaches to make the ordinary extraordinary and listen…with our eyes. It has always been wonderful to see and hear your own creative journey Jonathan. You have learned well grasshopper.

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