Peak Design CapturePRO® V2 Review

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Until a month ago, coming home with a sore neck from carrying my cameras during an assignment seemed as much a part of my business as waking up in the field for first light, or spending inordinate amounts of time away from home.  For quite some time, I had been daydreaming about a camera mount system that could distribute the weight of my camera onto my belt rather than my shoulders and neck.

To my delight, shortly before leaving for a three week assignment in Alaska to teach for Lindblad/National Geographic, I ran across a Kickstarter project touting a clever product called the CapturePRO® V2 by Peak Design®.

The CapturePRO® V2 is a highly adaptable camera mount system that consists of a base mount which can be attached to your belt or the shoulder strap of your backpack, along with a custom camera tripod plate – that also works with Arca style tripod heads.

The custom tripod plate slips into the base mount and locks in place putting the full weight of the camera on your belt and, as a bonus, keeps the camera from swinging away from your body when you lean over.  A huge plus for anyone shooting adventure sports or working from a boat.

I used the CapturePRO V2 all day, every day, for three weeks aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird in Alaska.

My thoughts:

  • The CapturePRO® V2 + ProPad is a game changer for carrying my camera all day on assignment. I did not have a sore neck due to carrying my camera once during the trip.   My only regret in Alaska is that I did not have two CapturePRO’s – one for each camera.
  • It keeps the camera in tight to my body, preventing it from swinging around when I don’t want it to – especially useful when leaning over the gunwale of the ship, or hiking up slippery rocks on a shore landing.  I look forward to using it rock climbing.
  • The Peak Design Leash® camera strap is a great design – and I am glad I had it paired with the CapturePRO®.  It effortlessly shortens to be a traditional camera strap when needed, or a longer shoulder strap when that is desired. It can also be setup as a sling strap.
  • The CapturePRO® v2 works with Arca/Really Right Stuff tripod heads.  Enough said.
  • With a heavy rig, there is a definite technique to sliding the camera in and out of the mount.  It took me a couple days to master, but was well worth the small amount of frustration.

My recommendations:

  • CapturePRO v2 and ProPadGet a good thick nylon belt with a good buckle – like the Bison Last Chance.  I tried the CapturePRO with a leather belt, and my heavy camera & lens setup deformed the leather.  The nylon worked like a champ.
  • Get the ProPad – if you have a big heavy camera.
  • I prefer the side mount setup vs the top mount.  A video on how to do that can be found HERE.
  • With a big, heavy camera like the Nikon D4 and a large lens, I recommend inverting the standard side mount setup, so that the release button is on the top, rather than the bottom (as seen to the right).  To do this you need to use the longer screws that come with the ProPad and will need to disassemble the unit before attaching it to your belt and the ProPad.


The CapturePRO® V2 has earned it’s place in my kit and will be accompanying me on every assignment.

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