Molokai, Hawaii – Photography Workshop Day 1

Ironwood, Molokai, Hawaii.  (Photo by Jonathan Kingston/Aurora)

Rekindling the Creative Spirit – the title and intent of our week on Molokai.  Today, enough baco bits of wisdom have been sprinkled on the proverbial salad bar of life to float us for the rest of the seminar — and we are just getting warmed up!  It is an interesting week for me, because I come unarmed.  My sword, my professional camera passed away two weeks ago and with no home to take a second mortgage on to finance a replacement, i am left with my pocket panasonic and less baggage.  While my wallet mourns its loss, I love the idea and the reality of being free from the weight and judgment of carrying all that metal and glass and circuitry.  To paraphrase a good friend, ‘There is a mistaken belief that some special gear is necessary to take good pictures, Whereas the only real requirement is the ability to see clearly and objectively. Plus of course having the urge to take photographs.’ 1 In a fantastic presentation this evening by fellow instructor Dewitt Jones on focusing the vision, a video of Sir Ken Robinson at the TED awards lodged in my mind and would not leave.  I will leave you his thoughts on how we are being educated out of our creativity so that all of you not sharing this time on Mother Molokai can take a peek over the edge of the rabbit hole we are tumbling down this week.