Molokai, Hawaii, photography workshop – Day 1

Koa forest, Hui Hoolana, Molokai, Hawaii.
Koa forest, Hui Hoolana, Molokai, Hawaii.

Ten minutes after I hit the publish button on “nothing endures but change…”, I wandered over to the front porch of the lodge at the Hui for morning check in.  Check in is a time for my fellow instructors and I to set the compass for the days workshop and offer a open forum for thoughts and questions.  During todays check in, Dewitt made a wonderful analogy between birds riding the thermals off the sea cliffs of Molokai, and us flapping away our energy on tasks that take us in the wrong direction – rather than catching the thermals in our own lives.  It is a beautiful metaphor.

What causes thermals? Change. Change in temperature, change in pressure. This change powers glider pilots down their cloud streets and lifts frigate birds across the Au Au channel with nary a flap of their wings.  So why are we so often afraid of change in our lives?  Does not this very change provide the thermals we need to soar to new heights?

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  1. A wonderful way to wake up: A photo from Jonathan, a chant from Bronwyn, while drinking a freshly ground and brewed cup of coffee from Molokai. Thank you, Jonathan. While I can’t be with you this time, I can still feel the warmth of the people, and the warm wind in my face lifting up. Aloha.

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