Mentor – Paul Liebhardt

The first and second jobs I had out of Brooks Institute of Photography were directly due to Paul Liebhardt.  While there were many instances during my first job in India that I couldn’t decide whether he was playing an elaborate joke with me as the unwitting victim, Paul set me on a trajectory that I have been following to this day.  He once said “The best pictures are taken by those who feel some excitement about life and use the camera to share their enthusiasm with others.”  Please – do yourself a favor and share some of Paul’s enthusiasm for life by viewing his images.  Click on the image below to go to his site.

Paul Liebhardt Photography

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  1. I found your site as I was searching for photo workshops on the outer islands (I live on Oahu). I was taken with the pictures on your blog and subscribed to the RSS feed. Thanks to pointing me to this site: what a gift!

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