Kingston Images shot featured in National Geographic online

A Kingston Images shot of rock climbing at Trout Creek, Oregon was recently featured in National Geographic’s online gallery.  For any rock climbers out there planning travel to Oregon, Trout Creek is a must.  A long approach hike with a short burly uphill section at the final leg rewards you with stellar splitter cracks in perfect columnar basalt/volcanic tuff rock.  At the base of the cliff, many of the columns have fallen over – creating the feeling of walking over fallen greek columns at the acropolis in Athens.  Bring tape – the cracks are much sharper than they look!  A lesson this nomad learned the hard way…

7 thoughts on “Kingston Images shot featured in National Geographic online”

  1. The mid adult man IS wearing tape on his hands! No gobies for him! I can almost see his legs shaking from sheer exhaustion.

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