Jonathan Kingston in Columbia Magazine

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December 26th, 2008

The December issue of Columbia Magazine, published in the Netherlands, features two images by Jonathan Kingston of the idyllic Hawaiian landscape.  After teaching an annual photography workshop on the unspoiled island of Molokai, he was able to spend some time shooting at the Kamakou Nature Preserve, which he says can only be described as “otherworldly”. Here, he witnessed the phenomenon of the “Brocken Bow”, or “mountain spectre”, in which a person’s shadow is seen as being magnified upon the clouds opposite of the peak on which they stand.


Jonathan describes the scene at the top of Kaleleolehuaula Peak. “I arrived at the overlook in a dense fog that suddenly cleared.  The sun was behind me and when I looked down the steep moss covered cliff, my shadow was visible in the rising mist and was surrounded by a Brocken Bow.  I can’t articulate the thrill of seeing this phenomenon for the first time in my life, but managed to click off a few frames before the sun fell behind the ridge and the specter disappeared. When the rainbow surrounded my shadow I thought to myself – this is it!  I’ve reached enlightenment!”

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