Hands-on review of Peak Design’s new Slide camera strap

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I am a huge fan of Peak Design’s CapturePro camera clip.   After my first trip using it to carry my Nikon D4 in various Alaskan conditions, I knew I could never go back to a using standard camera strap during extended assignments.  The CapturePro saved both my neck and my wrist while carrying my heavy rig for days on end.  One of the things I appreciated most about the system was the ingenious Leash safety strap that rapidly adjusted to any length and doubled as a bracing /stabilizing strap when running and gunning video on the fly.  The width of the leash strap never bothered me because it never carried the full weight of my camera for any extended period of time thanks to the CapturePro system.

Fortunately or unfortunately – not all my assignments are extended affairs.  For short shoots and grab shots where I didn’t bother putting on the CapturePro camera clip – I found that the leash strap was somewhat lacking in the comfort department.  Shortly after this realization, I contacted Peak Design to beg them to design a wider strap that used their pioneering Anchor system.  As if I had rubbed the proverbial genie bottle, the next day a note appeared in my inbox from Peak Design letting me know that a wider strap – called Slide – was already under development and that they would send one my way when it was finished.

Slide arrived on my doorstep the other day and I have been kicking its tires since. In a nutshell Peak Design has broken new ground with Slide. In my opinion it is the best camera strap on the market for the following reasons:

  1. It is infinitely and rapidly adjustable. Other straps on the market do this – but with nowhere near the ease of Slide.
  2. Peak Design’s Anchor system is – in my opinion – the best quick connect strap link system out there.  I just don’t trust fastex buckles with my expensive gear – but I do trust the Anchor system.
  3. It is super comfortable.
  4. It is low-key.
  5. Slide works both as a traditional camera strap and as a sling type strap.

So is there any downside to Slide?  Alas there is for the demographic of those who are over 6 feet tall (myself included) who wish to use Slide in conjunction with CapturePro.  As a stand alone camera strap, Slide stands in a class of its own, but for a tall guy like myself, Slide is just a bit short to integrate well with CapturePro.   I have to unbuckle the neck strap in order to attach my camera to the CapturePro clip on my waist.  For my wife, who is 5’10” – Slide and CapturePro are a marriage made in heaven, but due to my long torso, it is not.

So here is hoping my friends at Peak Design will consider making a ‘tall boy’ version of Slide down the road.  In the mean time I have already ordered myself a second one here on Kickstarter.  If you are looking for a great camera strap, I suggest you do the same.