Google sync for the iPhone!!

Read all about it here!!

There are two drawbacks that both have a workaround for wireless syncing. Your iPhone will wirelessly sync beautifully with your Google address book and calendar, however, it will no longer sync with your Apple address book or iCal.  What a drag!  Thankfully there is a workaround posted here for the address book issue (be sure to click on the “see all answers or post an answer…” link on this post). And here for the iCal issue (you have to set up iCal to subscribe to a calDAV account).  After a bit of fiddling, everything is now up and running on my phone, computer and Google apps account!  It is essentially the same as having a true Exchange account for my photography business, but without the annual cost.

3 thoughts on “Google sync for the iPhone!!”

  1. Great article — However, I’m having trouble getting my iphone calendar to SEND any information back to Google calendar. I’d like the same information across all calendars. Any advice?

  2. Hi Mark, Sorry to hear your having trouble getting the iphone to send info back to the google calendar. First make sure you have gone through all of the steps in the article here. When you have completed those steps, the iPhone and Google calendar should be able to complete a bi-directional sync. Next make sure that you subscribe to your Google calendar via iCal following the directions here, this should insure that your iCal can bi-directionally sync with your Google calendar. With both of these steps completed, wherever you updated your calendar, the information should be wirelessly updated to all your devices.

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