Filling the cup

A hula dancer smells a lei of plumeria flowers on Molokai, Hawaii.
A hula dancer smells a lei of plumeria flowers on Molokai, Hawaii.

Something that really clicked for me yesterday was the idea that there are two ways to fill my cup.  I can fill it with external things like possessions, peoples approval and accomplishments – but these always seem to drain out quickly and I wind up on a never ending treadmill of trying to get more of them.  Or, as Dewitt says, I can fill the cup from the inside from a source that will never be depleted and will never exhaust me in its pursuit.  The source?  Love.  Love for my fellow man, love for my vocation, love for the 1/100 of a second in time when the light graces a lei of plumeria flowers transforming the moment into a banquet of joy.

9 thoughts on “Filling the cup”

  1. Love; the people and things that we love keep the world around us from getting too boring and trite. There is certainly a lot of that at the Hui with you, Dewitt, and Bear. And of course there is Bronwyn and Lynette who keep the men on track. Thanks so much for sharing the love and your wonderful insights into the lives of those of us who find joy and “love” looking thru the lens’ of our digital machines. It looks like your group is photographing hula dancers this Oct. Way to go guys. And wonderful photo Mr K. Sounds like Dewitt is in rare form again. One of the great blessings of attending the Hui with the 3 Kahunas. Keep up those great posts Jonathan. The old guys “love” it.

  2. you’re a great writer too! being a great photographer goes without saying — loved your photo projects at Brooks. anyway, just saw your posting on facebook, the quote caught my eye. it is so the truth, I had that ah-hah moment and read something yesterday that is similar. aren’t those moments the best when things “click” like that.

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