Coming Through the Atmosphere

Moomomi at sunrise, Molokai, Hawaii.
Moomomi at sunrise, Molokai, Hawaii.

My week of helping teach the photography workshop at the Hui Ho’olana on Molokai with fellow instructors, Rikki Cooke, Dewitt Jones and Theresa Airey has drawn to a close and I can feel the gravity of the mainland pulling me back into its orbit. Leaving the slow pace of life on Molokai to return to the mainland must be similar to the feeling astronauts have as they re-enter the earth’s atmosphere with the heat shield of their spacecrafts burning white-hot. It’s a feeling of excitement and terror at the same time.

For the past few years, Bronwyn Cooke has been trying to convince me to bring my violin out from the mainland. I guess she got sick of waiting, because yesterday in the mail a package containing a brand new violin from the Czech republic arrived, and this evening a group of ukulele players appeared on the front porch of the Hui around the time the sun was setting over the ocean to play some songs. My rusty fingers were able to remember a few notes and I have posted the result here for your listening pleasure. The violin has been dubbed “Jonathans Fiddle” and will be waiting here for my return. Thank you Bronwyn!

Click the play button below to listen:

4 thoughts on “Coming Through the Atmosphere”

  1. Jonathan, amazing audio…brings me back there with you two years ago…cool that they bought you a violin to have there! The images you shared of the week are stunning, as well…thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks Michelle! Glad you enjoyed the images and sound. I’ve been having a ton of fun with audio recordings recently.

  3. Do you juggle? I ask since you do everything else. Whale whisperer.

    I got a MicroTrack II and really haven’t used it enough. Yet.

    Got an offer today to submit 14 12 x 9s for a 2009-2010 calendar by Wordsprint that has been doing my note cards. No pay. Great visibility and I will get postcards of each image to sell or for marketing. Busy busy!

    Check in if you’re near Check. FF

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